Corporate Adventures

Via Ferrata Rawdon

Reconnect Your Team

Reach new heights and explore new horizons by inviting your colleagues to embark on an unforgettable adventure. During this experience, they will defy gravity, tackle challenges, push their limits, and find balance, all while having fun in nature.

Whether your colleagues are afraid of heights or adventurous, they will find activities tailored to their ambitions.

Proposed Formula: Get discounted rate from 10 participants which will allow everyone to explore the varied routes at their own pace, based on the different levels offered.


Advantages of engaging in this activity:

  • Reconnect and mobilize your team
  • Promote communication among your colleagues
  • Foster a sense of belonging
  • Experience an unforgettable team adventure
  • Develop individuals' agility and balance
  • Boost self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment
  • Contribute to stress management and problem-solving


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Adventures for Adults and Youth

Cave Tours Arbraska

Cave Tours

Set out on an underground adventure in the Canadian Shield’s biggest visited cave. You’ll meet bats and plunge into total darkness for several minutes.

1-2 hours See the wonders of nature!
Teambuilding Arbraska

Team Building

Gather your work colleagues, sports teammates, or school peers and take it to the trees — together, you can engage in a team-building adventure that’s designed to challenge, motivate, and excite.

1-2 hours Communication


Experience weightlessness in this vibrant, suspended outdoor trampoline park that includes spiral slides, lookout points, and secret passages.

2-hours Jump to New Heights!
Via Ferrata Arbraska

Via Ferrata

As agile as a monkey, climb sheer rock faces in complete safety on permament steel anchors. Less timid thrill-seekers climb the bare rock face, and everyone is rewarded with an incredible summit view. Really original, it’s the perfect activity for a fun day spent outdoors.

3-hours Overcoming your fear of heights!
Rawdon Aerial Game Trek

Zipline & Aerial Game Trek

Test your strength and balance as you and your family traverse the tall trees, leap off wooden platforms, and zipline across breathtaking lakes. 

3-hours Thrilling & Exhilerating

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