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Who we are...

With its firmly established roots in Rawdon, Quebec, where the first Arbraska park was created in 2002, our company has charted an extraordinary path through the years, one adventure at a time. With over 20 years of experience in designing, building, and operating adventure parks and ecotourism aerial attractions, we have evolved to become The Trekking Group. 

Today, our company is divided into two specialized branches: the operation of adventure parks and the development of adventure and aerial attraction parks around the globe. 

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Aiming higher

Since our foundation, our passion for the outdoors, adventure, and environmental stewardship has driven us to create unforgettable moments for our visitors, whether they are adrenaline enthusiasts seeking thrills or simply looking for a family outdoor getaway. Our parks are designed to cater to all levels of adventurers and their diverse needs. We take pride in our history, our ongoing growth, and the tribe that gives meaning to our actions. 

Join us on this endless adventure through the treetops and the exceptional natural landscapes that Canada and the United States have to offer. 

Our mission is to design accessible, sensational, and transformative ecotourism adventures that promote outdoor physical activity while preserving harmony with nature. 

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The Trekking Group

Arbraska is a proud member of The Trekking Group.

We have a passion for creating lasting memories through imaginative and exciting outdoor experiences at heights.

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Connecting people with nature through outdoor adventures to discover their true selves.


Portfolio of adventure parks

Our portfolio of parks bears witness to our commitment to exploring nature and outdoor adventure. In Quebec, the company is responsible for the Arbraska brands, which include 7 parks (5 corporate and 2 franchised), as well as the Arbre-En-Arbre brand. In Ontario, the Treetop Trekking brand boasts 7 adventure parks and the Treewalk Village brand. We have also expanded our presence to New Brunswick with 2 franchised Treego parks and in Florida with 2 adventure parks, Treetop Trekking Miami and Daytona Beach Ziplines. Finally, our 4 Arbre-En-Ciel parks (2 in Quebec and 2 in Ontario) as well as our 2 uplå parks (1 in Quebec and 1 in Ontario) complete our offering of exceptional aerial experiences. 

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500+ dynamic and passionate employees

We employ hundreds of people across many fields of work. From guides, to construction crews, to administrative employees, we all share the same passion: providing meaningful and unique outdoor experiences to our guests. 


500,000 annual visitors and counting

Each year Arbraska welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors to its parks across Quebec. 


Always exploring

At Arbraska, we are always adding to and improving our parks and activities to bring you the best in adventure park experiences.