Share your passion for the outdoors and physical activity by allowing Arbraska's customers to have an unforgettable experience in the treetops.

Job Type
Part-time or full-time job I Summer employment
In one of Arbraska parcs
Start Date
As soon as you are available.

As part of your responsibilities, you will distribute equipment (helmets and harnesses), conduct orientation sessions (where you will present safety rules and demonstrate how the courses work), ensure the safety of customers, and assist them as needed.

Being a guide means: 

  • Working in nature in extraordinary parks 
  • A rewarding and fulfilling job that allows you to push yourself and grow 
  • The opportunity to acquire skills that will serve you throughout your life (communication, autonomy, initiative, etc.) 
  • The possibility to develop and refine your knowledge and abilities


With us, you make the most of the summer:

  • Starting wage of $16/hour ( $1.75 above minimum wage)
  • Flexible schedule tailored to your lifestyle
  • Teamwork and a family-like atmosphere
  • Strong and positive company culture
  • Discounts on all our adventures and products
  • 5 passes for your family or friends
  • A season pass for you at Arbraska parks
  • Advancement opportunities within the company
  • Not to mention exclusive social activities for employees

Honestly, Arbraska is the most exciting place to work.

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