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To obtain information for your outing in Rawdon, Rigaud or Mont St-Grégoire, please contact us at 1877-886-5500 ext. 1 followed by ext. 1 again. Isabelle will be happy to answer you.

To obtain information for your outing in Laflèche or Chauveau, please contact us at 1877-886-5500 ext. 1 followed by ext. 2 again. Amanda will be happy to answer you.

From primary school students to university, adventure parks empower kids and enable them to disconnect from screens, allowing them to reconnect with themselves and others in a natural setting through physical activities that benefit both their bodies and minds. Adventure park activities can offer several benefits for school groups. These activities are not only fun and exciting but also provide valuable learning opportunities and personal development experiences. Here are some of the benefits of adventure park activities for school groups:

Physical Fitness: Adventure park activities often involve physical challenges such as climbing, zip-lining, and hiking. Engaging in these activities helps students improve their physical fitness, strength, and coordination.

Teamwork and Collaboration: Many adventure park activities require participants to work together to solve problems and complete tasks. This promotes teamwork, communication, and collaboration among school group members.

Confidence Building: Overcoming obstacles and taking on challenges in an adventure park can boost students' self-confidence and self-esteem. They gain a sense of accomplishment when they successfully complete a challenging task.

Problem Solving: Adventure activities often present participants with puzzles and obstacles that require creative problem-solving. Students can develop their critical thinking and decision-making skills while tackling these challenges.

Risk Management: Adventure park activities provide a controlled environment for students to learn about risk management. They can assess risks, make informed decisions, and understand the importance of safety precautions.

Environmental Awareness: Many adventure parks are set in natural environments, allowing students to connect with nature and gain a greater appreciation for the outdoors. This can foster a sense of environmental responsibility and conservation awareness

Overcoming Fear: Conquering fears is a common experience in adventure park activities. Facing and overcoming fears can be a powerful personal growth experience for students, helping them build resilience and courage.

Leadership Development: Some adventure park activities may involve leadership roles or decision-making responsibilities. This provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and take on leadership roles within their school group.

9. Experiential Learning: Adventure park activities offer hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that can complement classroom education. Students can apply concepts learned in the classroom to real-life situations.

10. Fun and Enjoyment: Perhaps most importantly, adventure park activities are a lot of fun! They offer an exciting break from the routine of school and can be a memorable and enjoyable experience for students.

Overall, adventure park activities for school groups can provide a well-rounded educational experience that combines physical fitness, personal development, teamwork, and environmental awareness with a healthy dose of excitement and fun.

Adventures for Adults and Youth

Cave Tours Arbraska

Cave Tours

Set out on an underground adventure in the Canadian Shield’s biggest visited cave. You’ll meet bats and plunge into total darkness for several minutes.

1-2 hours See the wonders of nature!
Teambuilding Arbraska

Team Building

Gather your work colleagues, sports teammates, or school peers and take it to the trees — together, you can engage in a team-building adventure that’s designed to challenge, motivate, and excite.

1-2 hours Communication


Experience weightlessness in this vibrant, suspended outdoor trampoline park that includes spiral slides, lookout points, and secret passages.

2-hours Jump to New Heights!
Via Ferrata Arbraska

Via Ferrata

As agile as a monkey, climb sheer rock faces in complete safety on permament steel anchors. Less timid thrill-seekers climb the bare rock face, and everyone is rewarded with an incredible summit view. Really original, it’s the perfect activity for a fun day spent outdoors.

3-hours Overcoming your fear of heights!
Rawdon Aerial Game Trek

Zipline & Aerial Game Trek

Test your strength and balance as you and your family traverse the tall trees, leap off wooden platforms, and zipline across breathtaking lakes. 

3-hours Thrilling & Exhilerating

Fun youth outings

Treetop Trekking Treewalk Village

Arbre-en-Ciel Village

Step into a colorful, enchanting world of miniature wooden fortresses, winding slides, sturdy rope bridges, and towering hammocks — high in the trees.

2-hours Let you child's imagination run free.

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