Laflèche Park


The largest cave on the vast Canadian Shield

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Experience the thrill of an underground trek in the vast Canadian Shield’s largest visited cave. With ice stalactites and stalagmites in winter and geology which is accessible to everyone, the cave holds many surprises and discoveries. Its history is littered with astonishing anecdotes and mysteries.

Cave- Discovery tour

From January to end of March

The discovery tour of Lafleche Cave take all is sense during the winter time with our dear friend, the little brown bats that hibernate in groups on the roof of the caves. In January, you can also see the beautiful stalagmites and stalactites of ice in the largest room of the caves.

Cave-exploratory tour.

From January to end of March

The exploratory tour will push your limit to the maximum bringing you into narrow passage that gives access to big room never seen. You be greatly impressed to discover geological phenomenal never explore from more then 13 000 year of age. 

For five years now, speleologists have been coming to explore new passages in our cave. Our Laflèche Cave tour is reserved for persons aged five and above and lasts approximately one hour. If you’ve never ventured underground before, please be aware that the cave’s temperature is a constant 4°C. Warm clothing should therefore be worn, even in summer.

We supply a helmet with a headlamp. Just like a real explorer, you’ll be able to follow the guide and make the most of the visit.

During this voyage to the heart of the Canadian Shield you’ll learn about more than 20,000 years of history. Not only that, but you’ll find out about speleology – the study and science of cave exploration.

The Explorer Tour

Visit the cavern's most remote areas and crawl in the small passages like an explorer. During this 2-hour guided tour, as a 8 persons groups, your guide will make you discover majestic galleries that are just newly accessible. A sportive tour that will make you push your limits by making you crawl through narrow passages sometimes relating more than 13 000 years of history.

Welcome to the adventurers ! Caustrophobics abstain!

Please note that all activities need reservation.